Cal Shakes Theater

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"Sarita Ocón and Jenny Nelson amusingly portrayed platitude-offering but similarly unreliable relatives."

- Sam Hurwitt, Mercury News


"Stuff (marvelous Vanna White-spoof by Jenny Nelson)..."

- Lou Fancher, SF Examiner


"There are some realistic and meaningful interchanges about what is significant in our lives and how we spend or waste our time and money, as well as some fine acting from the core players (Lance Gardner, Jenny Nelson, Sarita Ocón, Stacy Ross and Jomar Tagatac)."

- Emily S. Mendel, BerkeleySide


" 'EVERYBODY' SPEAKS BOLDLY, BEAUTIFULLY, AT CAL SHAKES, ORINDA… Five Somebodies are brilliantly portrayed… Jenny Nelson entrances as a self-involved 'Stuff' in her gee-gaws, and she plays 'Senses,' with a witty lilt."

- Barry David Horwitz, Theatrius

"All of the talented members of the ensemble bring a wonderful amount of life and depth (no pun intended) to their roles as the personified concepts Everybody leaves behind. I hate to single anyone out, but I’d be remiss not mention Jenny Nelson, who this show performed as 'Stuff', the personification of material items. Nelson perfectly tread the line between 'sincere' and “sarcastic”, making it all her own in the best possible way. All in all, great performances from a strong ensemble."

- TheThinkingMansIdiot


Lobster, Actually 
Killing My Lobster

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“The opening sketch revolves around two detectives (Nelson and Gavin) attempting to untangle the complicated web that is the films’ interlocking relationships. Later on, Nelson takes on the persona of a bored Staples dealing with an endless stream of unhealthy stalkers romantic men looking for cue cards and markers. Later still, Nelson becomes the meek employee at the office Xmas party going through the very disastrous do’s and don’ts of the evening…

Jenny Nelson shows a wonderfully wide range, bouncing from hard-nosed detective to obnoxious millennial to meek office work with ease.”